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What is "Oryzo: Experience?"

Intended to be a forum for the main feature site “Oryzo," for our users to discuss with each other, and connect. We decided to expand what we were doing and decided to create a new classified ads hub where users can date, make friends, share, and converse. That’s why we only have 4 ad options. These options are colored coded, and explained for you down below. 

Snapchat Ads (Yellow Markers)

Looking for new friends around you? Or maybe around the country? Create a snapchat ad! Tell them about yourself, upload some photos, and tell them what you’re looking for in a snapchat friend. What do you want when they first snap you? That’s a built in option when making your ad.

Sit back and watch your new following come in. Or maybe you want to find some new snap buddies without posting an ad: just browse through the map! People who want to be snapchat friends are colored yellowed. You can read what they’re like, and what they’re looking for, so you should have a good clue whether or not you’ll jive.

Instagram Ads (Orange Markers)

Trying to get off the ground? Or you want to increase your following. Then try out the always free instagram ad. Tell users what your instagram is about, share your story, and don’t forget to upload a few tantalizing photos to get people’s attention. Users will be able to find you from near and far. Your presentation is a huge key to success. 

Conversation Ads (Blue Markers)

These ads are meant to create a conversation on the ad page. Ask for advice, start a debate, send out a poll, ask for people’s opinions. This is all about engaging with other users. When you’re browsing the map, be sure to look out for the blue markers, those are people who want to have a conversation! Send a comment their way. 

Dating Ads (Red Markers)

We definitely want connections to be made, so we added a dating section. Tell them about yourself, what you’re looking for, and let others discover you. Upload a photo or 6, maybe a video? Whatever you need to do to get your potential next date. Just keep it clean, please! There’s tons of features that you can utilize to impress someone without whipping it out. You can find people looking for dates as red markers on the map. 

Hookups (Purple Marker)

This hub is all about meeting new people, and sharing experiences! Just remember to be responsible and safe! Always verify the person you’re about to meet. Your best option would be to get their snap; it’s pretty hard for a creep to fake that.

Feel free to post whatever you’d like on your ad, and remember, users must be signed in, and 18 years of age to view these ads, so have at it. The people looking for hookups are in purple on the map!

Feature My Ad!

Featuring your ad is the best way for you to start a conversation with all the people who come through our site. Your ad will be shown on top of all the other ads. To do this, go to your profile > click “your ads" > and look for the megaphone icon in the column that says action! If you so desire, you can feature your ad on the homepage, and you can feature your ad on the homepage map. 

Things Not To Do!

Let’s keep this relatively simple. There are things that you should not do while posting on here. Let’s go over a few:

  1. Asking for money in exchange for sex will get you banned. Asking for a sugar daddy, or looking for someone generous will definitely also get you banned.
  2. Harassing other users will get you banned. People are here to have a good time, not to be harassed. Go ruin someone else’s party.
  3. You need to be 18 years of age to be on this site. There’s really no way for us to verify your age, but if there are suspicions from enough people, you will be banned.
  4. Spamming your username all over the country in multiple ads will get all of your posts taken down, and you will be suspended. If you do it again after your suspension: you will be banned.
  5. Any kind of threats, cyber bullying, or creepy behavior will get you banned, and depending on the severity of it; it will be documented, and delivered to the victim in case they wish to press charges. 

Don’t pretend to be someone else. You just have to remember: a catfish will never give you their snapchat. Anyone can text, Kik, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but you can’t fake live photos. Make sure they are who they are if you ever meet up with anyone. 

How To Report An Ad?

If you see any illegal behavior going on: report it! Many of our filters will catch keywords for us to review, but sometimes things slip through the cracks. All ads have a report feature built onto them. However, if you spam the report ads button , and the ads have nothing wrong with them, you will be perma-banned. 

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